New Car from BMW called GINA

If you love concept cars or new cars than here is another master piece for you. We are sure that you will simply love the look of this car instantly and would love to have taste drive for this car.

The main attraction of this new car is their light which makes this car separate from other cars. Name of this car from BMW is GINA

New Car BMW
New Car BMW 2
New Car BMW 3
New Car BMW 4
New Car BMW 5

Luxurious Car M-Zero from BMW

BMW awesome brand name for luxurious and fast car. Choice of James Bond and desire of every one. Now designer Maƫl Oberkampf have come with the M-zero. A classical car with very own look of BMW from the front. With angry eye look in headlight this car is really breath stoping.

Although we able to see only exterior of this master piece but we do hope that interior of this car will be more delicate and eye catching as well.

Photo of M-Zero BMW
Photo of M-Zero BMW 2
Photo of M-Zero BMW 3
Photo of M-Zero BMW 4
Photo of M-Zero BMW 5

Luxurious Car - BMW M1

If you love the speed and also want the look than this BMW M1 car is definitely for you. I am sure if you own this BMW M1 than you will be a known person in your group. This have peculiar kind of look of BMW but if you look from behind than this car got the sporty look as well.

As showing in photos ... red will be the perfect colour for this BMW M1. But however you can also try black. Allow wheel giving it a perfect and more attractive look.